DAW recommendation for VST-e-drumming ❗️👉

Mon Apr 01, 2024 12:59 am (Last edited: Mon Apr 01, 2024 1:06 am)

DAW recommendation for VST-e-drumming ❗️👉

📢 ➜ I always use a powerful DAW (as my basic setup, so to speak), and not just when playing limited drum samplers. ❗️

Why I recommend


super powerful and super stable ❗️

super lightweight on computer resources + tiny program file sizes ❗️

very intuitive and logical ❗️

MIDI routing from one track to another without latency ❗️

super powerful real-time MIDI editing options ❗️

can work as a LIVE host with additional arranger ❗️

outstanding OS compatibility (you can even run the latest Reaper version on a very old OS) ❗️

super inexpensive ❗️

➜ There is no better DAW for VST-e-drumming ❗️😊


SoftwareDrumming-DAW-Benefit:∙∙∙> 👉 LINK

Why detailed custom velocity curves are a game changer 😀∙∙∙> 👉 LINK



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