Why detailed custom velocity curves are a game changer 😀

Sat Feb 10, 2024 3:29 pm (Last edited: Thu Mar 07, 2024 4:07 pm)

Why detailed custom velocity curves are a game changer 😀👉

Have you also noticed that it is often difficult to get the dynamic translation of a drum sampler's snare, tom or cymbal to really give the impression that you are playing the real acoustic instrument?
In many cases you will want to apply a velocity booster.

➡️ Well, I recommend looking into custom velocity curves!

In many cases it is very important to be able to apply dedicated velocity curves to particular kit pieces and to the individual articulations within a kit piece.
Examples: the center head sound of a Tom or a Snare needs a different velocity translation than the rim (RimClick or Rimshot)
the hihat or the cymbal BOW needs a different velocity translation than the EDGE or the BELL.

So here is a game changer tip for you:
👉 make sure you can adjust detailed velocity curves to all relevant articulations❗
By "detailed", of course, I do not just mean a simple velocity multiplication, but (in case of a booster) a logarithmic curve which can be altered in its steepness.

BTW, the rough subdivision of the only available Roland module booster curves LOG1 + LOG2 or the LOUD1 + LOUD2 (and only one of these is usually usable, as the other is too extreme) is far from sufficient. Also, in many modules there are no separately adjustable curves for Head zone and Rim zone (or BOW , EDGE and BELL on cymbal pads)

...And the velocity curve tools in many drum samplers are also far from sufficient! (lacking details and again can't be applied to single articulations).

➡️ Therefore, it is necessary to apply detailed and dedicated curves with a capable DAW like Reaper or Logic.

If you struggle with applying dedicated vel curves: in my dial-in sessions / support sessions I can show you my way to apply those curves.
...and you can get a very useful curve I created for SD3 (SD3 curve resolution is not super detailed but it is ok. ...Btw, SD3 is totally lacking such curves by default). Of course this (SD3) will be applicable without a DAW.



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Thu Mar 07, 2024 9:38 pm (Last edited: Wed May 01, 2024 3:43 pm)

DETAILED CUSTOM CURVES : I often use a combination between LOG and LINEAR parts ❗️ (This is of course not possible with most standard vel curve tools) :

👉 ∙∙


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