The simplest but best sounding drum sampler out there ∙∙∙> GoranGrooves "Handy Drums" - Here comes the Dream Kit for e-drums ❗️👉

Sat Mar 02, 2024 11:37 am

The simplest but best sounding drum sampler out there ∙∙∙> GoranGrooves "Handy Drums" - Here comes the Dream Kit for e-drums ❗️👉

😊 I'm fascinated by 'GoranGrooves - Handy Drums' : the simplest and at the same time best-sounding* drum sampler in the world with super low sample pool data size: it's really amazing how this thing sounds despite that low audio data size and super simple mixer and UI. And super low priced when on sale ($35 - 39 per pack). [ * I have tested the packs "Studio Standard" and "Rock Standard" and I'm sure there are more great sounding packs]
Btw, it provides a detailed variable BOW and EDGE hihat with super smooth transitions 👌.
The Handy Drums sound is processed and mix-ready - and also very nice for standalone e-drumming.

The only no-go thing is the annoying Hihat-Mute-FadeOut on Pedal 'Chicks' - it hasn't been fixed by the manufacturer (he describes it as a 'feature' but it is of course the reason for muddy and unprecise sound on open/closed patterns) - but here comes good news: this is fixed now with this Dream Kit e-drum engine and you'll like it now! :)

Handy Drums libs are absolutely fantastic for people who don't like wasting time on sound-tweaking 👌🙂

Dream Kit features :

∙ clean Open Hihat Muting Sound from Pedal 'Chicks' ---> no more annoying much too long fade-out ❗️

∙ increased 'Variable Hihat "BOW" (Tip) articulation' volume ( -> great benefit for playing e-drums with most Handy Drums libs as the "EDGE" articulation is much louder in many packs - so the player wants to have a louder "BOW" (Tip) volume) -- not possible in default state ❗️

∙ significantly increased Hihat Pedal "Chick" volume ( -> great benefit for playing e-drums with most Handy Drums libs) ❗️
+ separated Pedal Chick velocity control (velocity curve) which is not possible by default (not possible in the sampler & not possible in the Roland module)

additional Hihat FIX feature for Roland modules (and similar): Hihat Pedal Splash Engine ❗️😊 : 👉 LINK

∙ separated Snare CENTER<->RIMSHOT articulations ❗️😊 --> the range of Center Head Snare Samples is translated to the whole velocity range -> so the high velocity CENTER sounds will be played when hitting hard ( = no Rimshots on the center head)
the Rimshots will be available on the snare pad's rim (also the "Sidestick" with a velocity border, if you like)

additional Snare FIX feature: Snare Engine toggle ❗️ :
( GGD example here - it works the same way with HandyDrums 👉 LINK )
∙∙∙> switch between the original Snare state (which provides the Rimshot Sound at high velocities) vs. the separated Engine during a song/performance!

∙ Cymbal Choking ‼️ -> for Crash + Splash + China Cymbals ❗️😊 (e-drum Cymbal Choking is not possible in default state.)

adjust the Ride 'BOW' volume independently from the Ride 'BELL' volume -> great benefit for playing e-drums with most Handy Drums libs -- not possible in default state ❗️

∙ separated dynamics on all articulations ❗️😊 : set single kit pieces/articulations to custom velocity curves !!! (this is a great benefit as it is not possible in Handy Drums by default).

∙ separated articulation and/or kit piece volume control ❗️😊
-> this is relevant for the separated Snare articulations ( -> Head , Rimshot , Sidestick) and e.g. for two different Crashes and/or Splashes and/or other Cymbals ! (not possible in Handy Drums by default).

∙ Double Bassdrum Sound ❗️: play a Double Bassdrum feel with alternating Kick sounds (the second Kick will sound slightly diffrent in order to sound like 2 kicks / avoid machinegunning)
toggle the kick engine ❗️ (Single-Sound vs. Double-Sound) after your needs during a song (by dedicated pad hit)

DAW projects with multiple Handy Drums outputs ❗️

detailed Online Setup Session ❗️

-- supported DAWs : "Reaper" , "Bidule" , "Cubase Artist/Pro" , "Logic Pro" , "AbletonLive Suite or AL+M4L")
(+ any DAW that can host Plogue 'Bidule' as a VST(2)/(3) or AU plugin)



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Tue Apr 16, 2024 6:17 pm (Last edited: Wed Apr 17, 2024 11:51 am)

short GoranGrooves HandyDrums version2 Variable Hat Engine and Snare Engine review :

I've just tested the new HandyDrums version 2 (and the manufacturer presents his new Variable Hat engine as a great improvement).

Roland (and similar) modules: unfortunately the version 2 hihat engine is not what can fulfill high demands on a variable hihat engine, as I get some artifacts that can't be fixed* ( = no matter if HandyDrums is in e-drummer mode or not - the old v1 engine could be fixed since the only issue was the unwanted open hihat fade out by Pedal 'Chick') :
there are these new samples now which provide the new "closing softly" sound and additionally some weird and not very good-sounding Pedal'Chick'-like sounds that can come up unwanted and interfere.

* The only way to fix it :
eDRUMin "Only send CC with hit" mode ❗️
So it is possible to get a flawlessly working hihat when using an eDRUMin trigger-to-midi device. And HandyDrums v2 should not be in e-drummer mode for this.


The new HandyDrums Snare Engine now provides a CenterHead<->Rimshot separation in HandyDrums 'e-drum mode'.
Unfortunately the head sound will be too soft and too weak in many cases (libs) at maximum velocity.
➜ So I would fix the Snare Separation Engine once again by boosting the head sound.


If you don't have an eDRUMin trigger device and want to play HandyDrums with a 100% flawlessly working hihat (the fixed state that is described in the main post) :

I would ask the manufacturer if it is possible to still get the old version before buying HandyDrums version2 libs.


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