VST-e-drumming with (higher-quality) FREEWARE drum samplers / libraries 👉

Sat Feb 10, 2024 4:22 pm (Last edited: Mon Mar 11, 2024 3:47 pm)

VST-e-drumming with (higher-quality) FREEWARE drum samplers / libraries 👉

There are (acoustic drums emulation) freeware drum samplers and libraries to try out VSTi-e-drumming ... and some of them even offer a really high quality (also in terms of detailed layers and round robin samples) -> so you can stay with them and get a great drum sound!

Here are some of the higher quality ones that run on current software / OS (Operating Systems) :

∙ Krimh Drums Free (by Bogren Digital​)​

∙ ML Dums Free (by ML Sound Lab)

∙ ​SSD 5.5 Free (by StevenSlateDrums​)​

∙ ​BFD Player [ -> the stock library is free] (by BFD Drums​)​

∙ DS Drum - RCS Essentials (Demo) (by Red Pack Drums) ... -> [ don't mistake it: the "Demo" is the free library ! -> propably the most powerful free drum library I've ever experienced ]

∙ ​Modo Drums [ -> 1 free kit] (by IK Multimedia)


...to be continued... 😊

Btw, resp. "higher quality" ->
When talking about e-drumming and suitable freeware drum samplers/libs (for acoustic drum emulation), the following features must be provided by default :

- hihat engine (at least a 2 stages one: open, closed) -> a Pedal "Chick" or a closed articulation mutes an open articulation
- round robin samples (at least 2 alternating samples per velocity stage) ; ( ... of course more than 2 would be nice on important articulations )
- dynamics: more than 5 stages per articulation over the whole velocity range ; ( ... of course more than 5 would be nice o​n important articulations )
- hihat: Bow<->Edge distinction (at least for the 'Closed'('Tight') stage)


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