member introductions 🙂

Sat Feb 10, 2024 1:09 pm (Last edited: Fri Mar 01, 2024 4:02 pm)

Please post your introduction here as a reply or create your own introduction thread 🙂

Pics of your equipment are welcome! (you can also create an album in the Picture Gallery!)


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Fri Mar 01, 2024 2:45 pm

Name: Rich D
Location: New York, NY, USA
Time Zone: EST (GMT -5)
Background: Drumming for 45 years, presently playing the "Neil Peart" role in a Rush tribute band ( Looking to change over from Acoustic kit for live use to VST driven e-kit, in the Neil Peart R30 configuration.
Looking for: advice and support
Hardware: Roland TD-50x, PD85, pd10, pd120 pads, KD-22A kick, VH-11, VH-10, FD-8, SPD-30, SPD-Sx, MalletKat Express, Roland Fantom XR, Mac mini i9 2GB/36 GB RAM, PreSonus interface.


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Wed Jun 26, 2024 7:25 pm
avatar  HugoW

Name: Hugo W
Location: Sint-Oedenrode, the Netherlands
Time Zone: CEST (GMT +1)
Background: Drumming for 4 months. I bought a Fazley budget kit to see if I liked drumming and, well, I do. Besides that, I am an Arduino / 3d print tinkerer, so I need to build by own e-drum kit.
Looking for: Advice and support
Hardware: Nothing, really, yet. Looking for guidance there, too.


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