Stageless Positional Sensing in SD3 (incl. all three Snare Stages "Center", "Off Center", "Edge") ❗👉

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Stageless Positional Sensing in SD3 (incl. all three Snare Stages "Center", "Off Center", "Edge") ❗👉

You can have a Smooth Transition Positional Sensing engine in SD3 👌👏🤝👍 and having SD3 PS stepless (or how I call it "stageless") is absolutely awesome!!!:

The result is so much more elegant and way closer to the acoustic instrument ❗️😊 --> This is the next necessary step to get to a much more advanced and authentic level of sample engine e-drumming / drum sampler-e-drumming.


- Fantastic and unique additional FIX feature ❗👉
Stageless Snare Positional Sensing Lock function Toggle

-> Lock the current Snare sound (from stageless Center-to-Edge positions) by hitting a dedicated Toggle Pad (zone) during a song or a performance 😊 ∙∙∙> 👉 LINK



Video available showing the "Stageless Snare Positional Sensing" ENGINE 🙂👉

I'm using the Roland ∙ 'PD-140DS' digital snare pad
and also a Drum-Tec ∙ Diabolo 13" Hand Hammered Snare.

As the digital Roland snare pad provides state-of-the-art position triggering I recommend it for this Smooth Transition Engine.

I show the FIX results using normal [linear (or close to linear)] velocity translation and most notably at fixed velocity (max 127 or little below) in order to show the sound differences without different velocities affecting the sound.

The position translation can be shifted by using a controller curve -> so you can shift the EDGE range towards the center or towards the rim of the pad. :)

∙ the used Superior Drummer 3 snare models: (always default SD3 state / preset and mixer state (without any FX processing) :

-- 4 x 14" Ludwig ∙ Black Beauty 20s

-- 8 x 14" Ludwig ∙ Coliseum

-- 5 x 14" Slingerland ∙ Radio King 50s ∙ ( ∙∙∙> the SD3 default snare)

supported DAWs (ask for other DAWs if you don't use one of these) :
"Reaper" , "Cubase Artist/Pro" , "Bidule" , "Logic Pro" , "Ableton Live Suite" .

Video :

+ great addition for "Stageless SD3 Positional Sensing" ❗👉

authentic & consistent mesh pad CENTER-to-EDGE velocity translation : compensate for the loss of velocity from the center to the edge 😊

∙∙∙> 👉 LINK

Video :


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