2-zone snare pad ∙∙∙ Rim FIX 😊👉

Sun Mar 03, 2024 4:41 pm

2-zone snare pad ∙∙∙ Rim FIX 😊👉

--> switch between Sidestick and Rimshot articulation by toggle function 😀👉

With all analog Roland (and other) 2-zone snare pads, you can have the (Roland) module internal switch function when hitting the rim itself (rim only!) with the "X-Stick" function activated:
lower velocities trigger the Sidestick (or RimClick) note and higher velocities trigger the Rimshot note. And you can adjust the velocity threshold at which to switch from Sidestick to Rimshot.

BUT if you don't want that behaviour and have full control over Sidestick vs. Rimshot instead ( = you want to trigger either Sidestick or Rimshot from all your played rim hits at all velocities),
you can now use that toggle function e-drum engine :

a dedicated Toggle Pad hit switches between Sidestick and Rimshot. [ of course the Toggle Pad(/Zone) can additionally trigger a (Snare) sound] )

This will ensure that you won't suffer from unwanted articulations ❗️👌



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