"Auto Rimshot" Snare Engine FIX 😃👉

Sun Mar 03, 2024 4:33 pm (Last edited: Sun Mar 03, 2024 4:33 pm)

"Auto Rimshot" Snare Engine FIX 😃👉

Most drum samplers (like SD3/EZ3 / modern SDXes/EZXes _or_ BFD3) do not (or no longer) provide Snare Rimshots at higher (/highest) velocities when playing the head zone.

However, this feature can be nice especially in louder musical parts/situations. -> So it would be awesome to be able to switch (by dedicated toggle pad hit) between the default Snare state and the 'Auto Rimshot' Snare Engine to match current playing situations (i.e. in a song). :)

So now you can have it back (and adjust your personal velocity threshold !) 👉
(This applies to all drum samplers!)

∙ 'Auto Rimshot' Snare Engine -> 'Rimshot' articulation will be played when hitting hard (instead of the 'Center Head' articulation) ; (of course with adjustable threshold ❗️) 🙂


∙ Snare Engine toggle ( -> Auto Rimshot Snare Engine default state)
https://youtu.be/mjsQlWRKLnU?t=642 (it's the same principle - just ignore "GGD" here)

-- supported DAWs: "Reaper" , "Cubase Artist/Pro" , "Logic Pro" , "Bidule" , "AbletonLive Suite"
(+ any DAW that can host 'Bidule' as a VST(3) or AU plugin)



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