Switching SD3 states/presets / DAW states on the fly for LIVE Software Drumming ❗️👉

Sat Mar 02, 2024 10:44 am (Last edited: Sat Mar 02, 2024 11:17 am)

Switching SD3 states/presets / DAW states on the fly for LIVE Software Drumming (*without preloading SD3 kits into RAM) ❗️👉

😊 Switch Superior Drummer 3 states/presets (this of course includes switching between different SDXes) and entire DAW states on the fly (between two songs on stage) by sending a midi note ( -> can be from striking a dedicated pad (zone)), without having multiple kits preloaded into RAM ❗️

If you have a fast Solid-State Drive then e.g. 10GB SD3 kits will be loaded in very few seconds! 😊

A trigger by mistake can be avoided: I've developed a "safety" toggle function for live drummers : only a dedicated double stroke will trigger it or a combination of 2 zones within a short interval (when using a multi pad for instance). 👍
Visual control of all Engine states ❗️:
-> You will also have large, colored and labeled windows on the screen as a visual control, showing you which SD3 state/preset / DAW state is currently active and working. 👍

-- supported DAW (with Track Arranger) : Cockos "Reaper" (which is available for MacOS and Windows)

detailed Online Setup Session ❗️

* switching SD3 kits/states : if you have the necessary amount of RAM, you can of course use the 'preload into RAM method' -> that will guarantee switching SD3 kits without any delay.



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Sat Mar 02, 2024 10:59 am

📢 I've just built the following REAPER project for live gigs ❗️😊 :

(up to) 18 (!) switchable SD3 kits / projects = entire SD3 states (of course switching multiple SDX/EZXes) along with the entire DAW project state --> switchable between songs by hitting dedicated pads on a multipad controller (like a sixta multipad or an octa multipad like a 'Roland SPD-20 Pro' or a cheap 'Alesis Control Pad').

Visual bank and kit control: dedicated windows show the current kit number and the multipad bank for switching 18 kits ( / projects).

very short load times with suitable SSDs (even when loading a 10+GB kit) - so it's totally suitable for live gigs! 🙂

What is also possible is to trigger the kit/project switch by one pad only in a round robin cycle mode. 👌🔥


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