RME AIO Pro is my software drumming reference ❗👍

Fri Mar 01, 2024 3:46 pm (Last edited: Fri Mar 01, 2024 3:47 pm)

RME AIO Pro is my software drumming reference ❗👍

Wow! What an outstanding sound and what a driver performance!!! 😊

I'm playing Software Drums through this super high quality PCIe card and I can tell you it's a game changer in terms of sound ( -> it's really really different! and I've experienced a bunch of audio interfaces) and stability<->latency (play at 1.5 ms audio output latency (at 48 kHz sample rate)).

Especially playing well with the Lake People headphone amp 😀.

So here is my reference gear chain (I'm pretty sure it can't be beaten):
(PC equipped with a good i9 CPU) --> RME HDSPe AIO Pro --> -balanced analog connection- --> Lake People G100 or G109-P or G111 (MK2) (they all are on par with each other) --> AKG K-872

(BTW, the budget AKG K-271 is also already super nice on acoustic drum sounds ; but of course can't reach this super high end: the AKG K-872 is just outstanding)

So I can really recommend this high-end gear chain to e-drummers who simply want the best sound from their projects/drum samplers and the lowest possible latency and at the same time the most stable driver performance even on heaviest audio driver load.



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