Consistently controllable 2-closed-stages Variable Hihat (+ Roland 'FD-9': without annoying Pedal "Chicks") 😃👉

Wed Feb 28, 2024 2:16 pm (Last edited: Tue Mar 05, 2024 8:52 am)

Consistently controllable 2-closed-stages Variable Hihat (+ Roland 'FD-9': without annoying Pedal "Chicks") 😃👉

Have you ever dreamed of a consistently controllable 2-closed-stages Variable CC Hihat with no annoying Pedal "Chicks" disturbing the closed range? Well, no problem: this is now possible with a dedicated Hihat translation FIX!

There are basically 2 closed Hihat stages/articulations on most drum samplers:
1. the TIGHT and 2. the CLOSED ("normal" pressure -> not tightly closed) articulation.

I've always wished to be able to control them in an easy and constistent/reproducable way with my FD-9 controller pedal without getting annoying and unwanted Pedal "Chicks" disturbing the quite large CC value range (or call it pedal motion range) which is set up alone for the first two (closed) stages. This large and significantly increased value range is achieved by value remapping and will be necessary to consistently control the 2 closed stages preventing that the slightest foot movement triggers an unwanted stage like a semi-open stage (especially when using a Roland FD-9 controller pedal. Regarding separated controller pedals please note that the FD-9 "spring tension feeling" provides a similar two stage closed feeling as for instance a VH-13 does (and this for the first time: it's not possible to consistently control it with FD-7, FD-8 or other pedals - so props to Roland here 👍) :

"Fully" depressing it with "normal" pressureCLOSED stage is triggered
again increasing pressureTIGHT stage is triggered.

It's also important to significantly widen the TIGHT stage as you wouldn't want to reach it with super high foot pressure only 😉.

On the other hand: suppressing the Pedal "Chick" note in general would definitely be no solution as not being able to easily achieve a "Chick" is not wanted in many playing situations: I want to get the "Chick" every time I do an even quite soft 'open -> closed' movement and I even want to trigger fast double "Chicks" at all velocities.

So I've built a FIX engine providing both: no disturbing Pedal "Chick" within the first two closed stages + being able to easily generate a "Chick" with a normal 'open -> closed' movement at all foot velocities.
The fix basically works with all DAWs using Bidule as a Plugin.

It's definitely a DREAM of an e-drum Hihat: this is the BEST you can get out of it️ ‼️

+ (vid) -- [this a SuperiorDrummer3 example but the same applies to all drum samplers (that are providing detailed hihat articulations)]



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Wed Feb 28, 2024 3:21 pm (Last edited: Wed Feb 28, 2024 3:22 pm)

Video available showing the "Consistently controllable 2-closed-stages Variable Hihat" for e-drummers [Superior Drummer 3 example] 🙂👉

This vid shows the great Hihat Feature - FIX
"Consistently controllable 2-closed-stages Variable Hihat"
along with switching [the first two stages] states "A" - "B" - "C" * .

The FIX is about consistently reaching and controlling the first two closed stages - so especially the second stage (which can be the CLOSED or the OPEN 0 (/1) articulation) becomes very important here.

By being able to consistently control these first two stages by foot motion and additionally by switching between three combinations of SuperiorDrummer3 articulations * (TIGHT ; CLOSED ; OPEN 0) ( = the states "A", "B", "C") your e-Hihat will be suitable for all musical situations and really becomes a DREAM of an e-drum Hihat : this is definitely the BEST you can get out of it!

The video is split in two parts:

1. -> a shorter basic presentation (which is an excerpt from the detailed part) - (00:37 - 11:32)
2. -> a longer and more detailed presentation - (11:43 - 47:12)



Enjoy ❗️😊


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