GGD - Cymbal Choking ❗️ 😀👉

Mon Feb 19, 2024 7:25 pm (Last edited: Fri Mar 08, 2024 3:55 pm)

GETGOOD DRUMS (GGD) - "Cymbal Choking" is now available! 👉

Hey e-drummers, unfortunately GGD libs don't support manually choking your cym pads by default. ☹️

BUT here comes good news!: FROM NOW ON you can play this feature using a dedicared FIX. 😀 (...and I'm of course not speaking about the fixed length "choke articulation" that GGD libs provide...)

(available for the DAWs "Cubase Pro/Artist" , "LogicProX" , "Reaper" , "Bidule" , "Ableton Live 11 Suite"*).
[*(AL11:) refer to the compatible modules)]

The Ride Cymbal will not be affected by choking Crashes/Splashes/Chinas. And of course the Ride itself can also be choked without affecting other cymbals. The other cymbal pads can also be made capable of choking each other (even the hihat can be set to choke other cymbals).

Enjoy ❗️😊


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