GGD packs: providing a CUSTOM hihat curve 👉

Mon Feb 19, 2024 6:47 pm

GGD packs: providing a CUSTOM hihat curve 👉

The default hihat curve tools in GGD cannot provide a really detailed custom response.

So if you want detailed control you'll have to remap the CC values within a DAW for custom translation: With such a control YOU decide what pedal position will trigger a certain hihat open-closed stage.

...and skip stages of your choice if you don't want them! (i.e. assumed that you want the more crunchy "closed" stage instead of the "tight" sound at fully closed pedal position).

There are seven stages in "M&M" and also seven in "Halpern Signature/PIII" (five in "Invasion" ; "PIV" and the "OKW" kits). The default mapping can be really weird and/or far away from your needs (like for instance in "Halpern Signature/PIII"). So just make it fit your demands!

I can provide support on remapping with GGD e-drum FIXES 😊

📢 read about GGD hihat fixes --> GGD hihat fixes 👉


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