Krimh Drums (by Bogren Digital) 'Dream Kit' e-drum FIX 😊👉

Wed Feb 14, 2024 9:44 pm (Last edited: Fri Mar 08, 2024 1:11 pm)

Krimh Drums (by Bogren Digital) 'Dream Kit' e-drum FIX 😊👉


∙ Hihat : Variable CC Hihat: integration of the 'Hat Tip closed' and 'Hat Tip open' articulations into the Variable CC Hihat (of course for a 2-zone hihat pad : Bow vs. Shank) ;
∙ Hihat : increased Pedal "Chick" volume (more than the default 'Trim' can do) ;
∙ Hihat : Roland TD-17 / TD-11 (and similar) Hihat Pedal CC range adaption

additional (X-Hat) 2nd Hihat Feature: building a Variable CC X-Hat -> so you can have 2 Variable Hihats that are controlled by your hihat controller (pedal). You can also have a switch (by toggle pad hit) that switches between Variable X-Hat and single fixed X-Hat articulations !
( -> also great feature: switch between fixed "X-Hat Closed" and fixed "X-Hat Open 1 (-6)" during a song!)

∙ CUSTOM hihat curve :
The hihat curve tool in Bogren Krimh Drums cannot provide a really detailed custom response.
So if you want detailed control you'll have to remap CC values -> YOU decide what pedal position will trigger a certain hihat open-closed stage.
...and skip stages of your choice if you don't want them! (i.e. assumed you want the more crunchy "Open 1" stage instead of the "Closed" sound at fully closed pedal position) ;

additional Variable Hihat Feature: Consistently controllable 2-closed-stages Variable Hihat for e-drummers 👉 LINK


∙ Snare : separated CENTER <-> RIMSHOT ( + Sidestick) --> the range of Center Head Snare Samples is translated to the whole velocity range -> so the high velocity CENTER layers will be played when hitting hard ( = no Rimshots on the center head)
the Rimshots will be available on the snare pad's rim (also the "Sidestick" with a velocity border, if you like) 🙂 ;

additional Snare FIX feature: Snare Engine toggle in order to switch between separated Center<->Rimshot state vs. original merged state -> So switch (by pad hit) during a song/drum performance after your current musical needs! (in 'Krimh Drums' it will be the same as in GGD) 👉 LINK

additional Snare FIX feature: Snare Drum Throw Off Switch 👉 LINK

additional Snare FIX feature: Snare Drum Positional Sensing for PS-capable pads+modules (as 'Krimh Drums' provides an 'Off-center' snare articulation) ;

additional Snare FIX feature: Rimshot Positional Sensing ( = Center Rimshots vs. Shallow Rimshots) for Rim-PS-capable pads+modules like "Roland PD-140DS" ;


additional Cymbal Choke FIX feature: 'Mute Tail' Cymbal Choking ;

advanced Cymbal Choking : choke all Krimh Drums Crashes / Chinas / Splashes with any of your cymbal pads❗️😊 ;


∙ Double Bassdrum Sound for single Kick Pads :
play a DoubleBassdrum feel with alternating Kick sounds ('Kick Main' + 'Kick 2') in order to sound authentically and to avoid machinegunning and toggle the kick drum engine (Single-Sound vs. Double-Sound) after your needs during a song (by pad stroke) 👍👉 LINK ;
- note: this feature has nothing to do with the provided "Auto Double Kick" -> so YOU decide when you want to switch to A-B sound and when to switch back to single Kick sound.


∙ detailed separated dynamical translation of single articulations (including 'Gate' and 'Ceiling' settings + can be much more detailed than the proviced curve tool) - example: adjust the 'Hihat Pedal Chick' independently from the 'Hihat Tip' and 'Hihat Edge' articulations
adjust the 'Ride Main' vel curve independently from the 'Ride Bell' or 'Ride Crash' articulation.


adding kit pieces like TOMS (i.e. additional TomToms) and a SideSnare ;

-- supported DAWs: "Cubase Artist/Pro" , "Logic Pro X" , "Reaper" , "Bidule" , "AbletonLive Suite"
(+ any DAW that can host 'Bidule' as a VST(3) or AU plugin)



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