MixWave Mike Mangini "Dream Kit" e-drum engine 😃👉

Wed Feb 14, 2024 9:13 pm (Last edited: Tue Feb 20, 2024 6:01 am)

MixWave ∙ Mike Mangini "Dream Kit" e-drum engine 😃👉

I love the symmetrical Mike Mangini drum concept with 4 hihats (2 'variable' ones) and 8 Toms/GongToms. 😊
...and here is the 'Variable Hihat' benefit from e-drums : both Variable Hihats can be controlled by one foot controller pedal. 😊

I would love to see the 1:1 e-drum version of this fantastic drum kit. Can be made possible by running i.e. three inexpensive eDRUMin8/10 devices!


👉 Hihat:
increased 'Pedal Chick' and 'Tip(Bow)' volume
play the additional Hihat "Shoulder" articulations from 'Hihat 3 + 4' on a PositionalSensing-capable cymbal pad (like Roland CY-14ct)
∙ Hihat Pedal Splashes from 'Hihat 1' and( = simultaneous)/or 'Hihat 2' work with Roland (and similar) hihat controllers (not possible in default state as Roland modules do not transmit pedal splash midi notes)


👉 Snare:
∙ seperated CENTER <-> RIMSHOT ( + Sidestick) --> the range of Center Head Snare Samples is translated to the whole velocity range -> so the high velocity CENTER sounds will be triggered when hitting hard ( = no Rimshots on the center head)
the Rimshots will be available on the rim of the snare pad (or from 'Rimshot playing method' -> depends on the pad+trigger device) (also the "Sidestick" with a velocity border, if you like).
You can also decide to keep some of the lower Rimshot stages within the main center snare (on high vel strokes) and only outsource the loudest Rimshots to the rim of the snare pad.🙂 ;
∙ Snare Throw-Off function (switchable via Toggle Pad(zone)) :
-> which articulations can be set to Wires Off : 1. Main Snare: Center , Rimshot + SideStick ------ Snare2: Center + "Shoulder".


👉 Cymbals:
∙ Cymbal Choking (with Roland -or similar- modules) : you will be able to choke all the Mike Mangini Crash/Splash/China/Stack cymbal sounds by choking any of your crash cymbal pads.
The Ride pad(s) will exclusively choke the Ride sounds and won't affect Crashes/Splashes/Chinas/Stacks. ;
additional Cymbal Choke Feature: "Mute Tail" articulations can be made available for Mike Mangini 'Crash1+2+3+4' ( --> just like SuperiorDrummer3 handles cymbal choking! ):


👉 BassDrum:
∙ Double Bass Drum sound for Single Kick Pads :
-> play DoubleBass with alternating Kick sounds A<->B (the second kick differs soundwise from the first to create an authentic DoubleBass sound/feeling -- ...and switch (during a song) the kick drum engine depending on the musical part / situation / requirement (via dedicated toggle pad hit) --> 'default' Single-Sound "A" vs. 'advanced Engine'-Double-Sound "A<->B"

ENJOY ❗️ 😊


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Wed Jun 26, 2024 7:32 pm (Last edited: Wed Jun 26, 2024 7:32 pm)

MONSTER KIT time -> The BecauseDrumGeek Mike Mangini e-kit ❗️😊

∙∙∙> 👉 LINK


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