Test Center for Software Drumming

Sat Feb 10, 2024 4:29 pm (Last edited: Wed Mar 13, 2024 2:03 pm)

👉 Test Center for Software Drumming in Hannover, Germany 😃👉

try out e-drumming with all relevant drum samplers / virtual drum instruments ( -> SuperiorDrummer3 + a bunch of SDX expansion packs like 'Fields Of Rock' ; EZDrummer3 + a bunch of EZX expansion packs ; StevenSlateDrums (SSD5.5) ; all GetGoodDrums-GGD libraries ; BFD3 + several expansion packs like 'Evil Drums' or 'Neil Peart Drums Vol.1' ; BFD-Player Libs ; AddictiveDrums2 ; GrooveAgent5 + the outstanding libraries 'Simon Phillips Studio Drums' / '-Jazz Drums' ; several Kontakt drum libraries/drum samplers like the great 'RoomSound - Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums Vol 2' ; Hertz Drums ; Handy Drums ; (vinatge) drum machine emulations like SIMMONS Aly James Lab 'VSDS-X' + play (vintage) drum machine emulations with an additional 'Open-Closed-Chick' hihat engine ❗️)
play on capable e-drum hardware like Roland TD-17/27/50(X) or eDRUMin10 + Multi Pads for controller functions --- (of course you can test all Roland Digital Pad (Snare+Hihat+Ride) Software Drumming Fixes and Features)

try out all Software Drumming FIXES & advanced Features 👉 LINK ∙∙∙∙∙ especially interesting: try out the advanced TOGGLE fixes like toggling Kick Engine or virtual Hihat Drop Clutch or Snare Drum Throw Off Switch

test a high end sound experience from a great sound transducing system -> high quality headphone amp ( + headphones) and/or PA sound which is optimized by software room correction

check out the benefit from all relevant / supported DAWs ➜ especially interesting for learning drums: play along sync'ed (and time-stretched) audio + video --- and for live e-drummers: live DAW features like recalling snapshots by pad hits / midi events.
[ 👉 LINK ]

Play with the capable and affordable musical bass shaker IBEAM. [ 👉 LINK ]

control lighting by your e-drumming (Drum midi to DMX)
You can bring your own e-drum hardware in order to test it along with software drumming features.

Interested? Get in touch and let's schedule an appointment for your personal test session. 🙂

btw, drum-tec North is located near Hannover -> https://www.drum-tec.com/drum-tec-north - so you maybe can combine a software drumming test session with visiting one of the world's biggest e-drum hardware vendors



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