Drum samplers / drum libraries worth to be checked out ❗️🙂

Sat Feb 10, 2024 4:17 pm (Last edited: Sat May 18, 2024 8:00 pm)

Drum samplers/ drum libraries worth to be checked out ❗️👉

There are other drum samplers besides the "flagship" SuperiorDrummer3 and EZDrummer3. Here is a short overview and some of my faves :) :

Steven Slate Drums (5.5) & expansions
Addictive Drums 2 (there are some nice packs)
Getgood Drums (GGD) libs
Steinberg Simon Phillips libs (for Groove Agent)
Hertz Drums
Modalics 'MINDst Drums'
BFD3 & expansions
GoranGrooves 'Handy Drums'
Kontakt libs like the Mixwave stuff
or Krimh Drums by Bogren Digital
or Red Pack Drums
or Fotis Benardo Drums by Stigmatized Productions
or lovely 'Kurt Ballou Signature Volume2' pack by RoomSound featuring analog vs. digital recorded drums (which is unique). The latter one also provides a nice 'e-drum setup wizard' for Software Drumming newbies. Can highly recommend this!

...to be continued...

Some of my faves are 'GGD' packs like "PIV" or "OKW:Metal" and the "Benny Greb Signature lib" and 'GrooveAgent-Simon Phillips Studio Drums'.
I'm also fascinated by 'GoranGrooves-HandyDrums': the simplest and at the same time best-sounding drum sampler in the world with super low sample pool data size: it's really amazing how it sounds despite all this (only thing that has to be fixed is the Hihat-Mute-FadeOut (btw, will introduce this fix soon :)) -> then it's absolutely great for people who don't like wasting time on sound-tweaking 🙂.

All theses drum samplers/ libs/ packs/ kits/ producer presets have their own sonic footprint ❗️ ....and they all suffer (more or less) from some shortcomings in their default state (especially in terms of e-drum translation) which can be fixed (check my FIX lists (the sticky "Featured" threads)).

Soundwise, it all depends on your preferences -> So check out audio demos on the manufacturers' homepages and check out user videos/user audio productions.

Choose your drum sampler or drum library and start VSTi-e-Drumming - the best and easiest way to pure drum sound heaven and tons of advanced musical features (like the fantastic options from "Toggle Engines") waiting to be discovered and applied ❗️😊 ∙∙∙> Get some music out using these rich tools!



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