Native Instruments ∙ Studio Drummer - e-drum support 😃👉

Wed May 01, 2024 2:25 pm (Last edited: Wed May 01, 2024 4:00 pm)

Native InstrumentsStudio Drummer e-drum support 😃👉

The NI Studio Drummer kits are a fantastic e-drum experience, especially if the e-drum engine provides great and advanced features. 😊
I would love to see much more Studio Drummer "Dream Kit" e-drummers!

--> What is possible with Studio Drummer? ➜ E-DRUM FIX ENGINE FEATURES :

Since the Studio Drummer velocity curve tool is very limited and the Studio Drummer articulations really need an optimized velocity translation, detailed custom velocity curves for single articulation are very important for Studio Drummer e-drum fun ❗️ 👉 detailed custom velocity curves ]

👉 Hihat:
creating a Variable Hihat from the articulations Closed Tight Tip , Closed Tip , Closed Shank , Open Quarter , Open Half , Open Three-Quarters , Open Full
∙ You can choose between Right Hand , Left Hand or Right/Left Alternating for the 'Closed' articulations.
∙ With a Roland "VH-14D" a Left/Right Distinction Engine is possible.
increased articulation volume whereever necessary (i.e. for 'Pedal Chick')
∙ custom hihat velocity curves for single hihat articulation (open/closed stages for BOW and EDGE) ➜ very important for Studio Drummer hihat ❗️
∙ Hihat Pedal Splashes work with Roland (and similar) hihat controllers ❗️ (not possible in default state as Roland modules do not transmit pedal splash midi notes)

👉 X-Hat:
You'll be able to play an X-Hat (using a different tuning/mix/FX or hihat model with BOW and EDGE articulations) on the opposite site. As an addition, the openness (Tight to Open 3/4) can be switched by TogglePad function while you're playing.


👉 Snare:
Snare engine optimization for all types of pads 🙂 - i.e. for a Roland "PD-140DS" : the following articulations will be available on the pad: Center Right/Left Alternating , Halfway Right/Left Alternating , Rimshot , Sidestick , Rim Only ;
∙ Snare Throw-Off function (switchable via Toggle Pad(zone) while you're playing) ❗️
∙ custom snare velocity curves ➜ very important for Studio Drummer snare drum ❗️

👉 Side Snare:
You'll be able to play one (or more) Side Snares (using a different tuning/mix/FX or snare model)


👉 Cymbals:
∙ improved Cymbal Choking Engine ➜ fade out length of the non-'MuteTail' part optimized (it is still too long in default state)
∙ Cymbal Choking for Roland -or similar- modules) : you will be able to choke all Studio Drummer Crash/Splash/China cymbal sounds by choking any of your crash cymbal pads.
The Ride pad(s) will exclusively choke the Ride sounds and won't affect Crashes/Splashes/Chinas ;
∙ increased articulation volume whereever necessary (i.e. for the 'Tip' articulation of the Crashes/Chinas)
∙ additional Crash Bell feature -for 3-zone Crash Pads!-
[ ...btw, speaking of 3-zone crash cymbal pads : Turning 2-zone cymbal pads [i.e. Crash cymbal pads like Roland 'CY-14c(-T)' or 'CY-12c(-T)'] into 3❗️-zone cymbal pads 😃👉 LINK ]
∙ adding more cymbals (Splashes/Chinas/Crashes + Rides using different tuning/mix/FX or cymbal models (with authentic panning, of course!))


👉 BassDrum:
∙ Double Bass Drum sound for single Kick Pads :
play a DoubleBassDrum sound with alternating Kick sounds (the second Kick will sound slightly different in order to achieve an authentic DoubbleBass sound/feel and to avoid machinegunning) and toggle the kick drum engine (default Single-Sound vs. advanced engine Double-Sound) after your musical needs during a song (by dedicated toggle pad hit) 👍 👉 LINK ;
custom kick velocity translation (/velocity curves) ➜ very important for Studio Drummer kick drum ❗️


👉 Toms:
∙ custom TOM velocity curves ➜ very important for Studio Drummer toms ❗️

∙ adding more TOMS (i.e. two (!) (a third and/or a fourth one) TomToms (with authentic panning, of course!) + adding a second (and/or a third) FloorTom and/or a left Floor Tom

ENJOY ❗️ 😊


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