the benefit of Roland's digital pads 😊👉

Tue Mar 19, 2024 11:47 am

the benefit of Roland's digital pads 😊👉

Snare : "PD-140DS"

What can you get out of the digital Roland snare : consistent 4(+)-zone drum sampler translation 👉 LINK

authentic & consistent mesh pad (or cymbal pad) CENTER-to-EDGE velocity translation : compensate for the loss of velocity from the center to the edge 👉 LINK

Hihat : "VH-14D"

Roland Digital Hihat "VH-14D" ↔ Superior Drummer 3 ➜ LEFT / RIGHT distinction on BOW + EDGE + BELL 👉 LINK

Ride : "CY-18DR"

(up to) 6 Ride Cymbal zones with Roland CY-18DR (and SD3-SDXes ➜ play all available Ride articulations on one cymbal pad❗) 👉 LINK

Roland CY-18DR Digital Ride Cymbal : authentic drum sampler Choke translation ("soft choking" like with Roland module sounds) 👉 LINK


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