GGD "PV" dream kit FIX 😃👉

Sat Mar 09, 2024 11:23 am

"PV" dream kit FIX 😃👉

For properly working and authentic e-drum translation + advanced additions:

(an "PV" kit can provide so much more...!)


∙ Hihat : Variable CC Hihat : making all EDGE and BOW articulations available (for a 2-zone hihat pad (not possible in default state)) ;
Hihat : the pedal note ("Chick") volume is significantly increased (not only the 6 dB that are available by default because that won't be enough in some cases) ;
Also, the Pedal Chick articulation gets a separated dynamic control! (as this is not possible with most e-drum modules/(trigger devices)) ;

+ CUSTOM hihat curve ( 👉 LINK )

additional Hihat Feature: "Dynamic Closed Hihat Transmuting FIX"
➜ improved hihat engine on closed articulations 👉 LINK ;

additional Variable Hihat Feature: Consistently controllable 2-closed-stages Variable Hihat for GGD e-drummers 👉 LINK

∙ Snare : 'Hit Center' articulation -> separated CENTERRIMSHOT --> the range of Center Head Snare Samples is translated to the whole velocity range -> so the high velocity CENTER sounds will be played when hitting hard ( = no Rimshots on the center head). All center head sounds are boosted in volume to match the Rimshots.
the Rimshots (the provided velocity range) will be available on the snare pad's rim (also the "Side Stick" with a velocity border, if you like (as described):
∙ optional feature : Side Stick snare rim engine -> the 'Side Stick' articulation will be played when hitting the rim of the snare pad at lower velocities (instead of the 'Rimshot' articulation) ; (of course with adjustable threshold) 🙂 ;

additional GGD Snare FIX feature: Snare Engine toggle 👉 LINK

additional Snare FIX feature: Snare Drum Throw Off Switch 👉 LINK

∙ additional Snare FIX feature for the main Snare: -> Switch between the 'PV' snare models ( = the different tunings) during a song️️ 😊 [ 👉 LINK ]

∙ Cymbal Choking️️ : you will be able to choke all GGD 'PV' Crash/Splash/China Cymbals by choking any of your Crash cymbal pads (even choking the hihat can achieve this if you like). Crash Chokes won't affect the Ride Cymbal sound.
The Ride pad will exclusively choke the PV Ride sound and won't affect the Crashes ;

additional Cymbal Choke Feature: "Mute Tail" articulations are triggered when cymbals are choked ( --> just like SuperiorDrummer3 handles cymbal choking! ) 👉 LINK

∙ Double Bass Drum sound for single Kick Pads :
play a DoubleBassDrum sound with alternating Kick sounds (the second Kick will sound slightly different in order to achieve an authentic DoubbleBass sound/feel and to avoid machinegunning) and toggle the kick drum engine (default Single-Sound vs. advanced engine Double-Sound) after your musical needs during a song (by dedicated toggle pad hit) 👍 👉 LINK ;

∙ adding TOMS (i.e. two (!) (a second and a third one) TomToms (btw, pan them after your liking!) + adding a left FloorTom

∙ adding a (right (for right-handers)) X-HAT!! (as it increases pleasure of playing so much and provides a varied hihat sound!) ;

∙ adding a second Snare or call it Side Snare (as you deserve a second Snare and a rich in variety drumsound! ;

adding Cymbals (from the other available slots) ;

∙ excluding dodgy samples :)

If you want your custom settings on GGD kits (i.e. midi mapping and sound) and you want them to stay you can also send me your project files and I can add the mentioned features and send it back to you. 😊


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Sat Mar 09, 2024 3:27 pm



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