WANTED: digital mesh pad Left/Right distinction ❗️

Sat Feb 10, 2024 3:47 pm

Can a digital mesh pad be capable of consistent Left/Right distinction❓ -> I'm looking for this innovation! 👉

Is consistent Left/Right distinction possible with drum pads? ( -> just like the VH-14D hihat pad : there is the imaginary center line and we need a controller data range for the left half and a range for the right half.)
And can the regular Positional Sensing (from the center to the edge) be maintained at the same time?

A DIY guy who started to build a digital snare pad once told me yes, it is possible - but I never saw any proof for it.

It's a shame that in 2023/almost 2024 you still don't have a L-R distinction on an e-drum mesh pad -> so the sticking on a snare drum can still not be identified with e-drums (i.e. a Paradiddle).

There are brilliant drum libraries (like Abbey Road Drums) that have L/R samples available for snares and toms. It's such a great benefit to have authentic L/R sound on a drum ❗️
Btw, Superior Drummer 3 is also loser when it comes to L/R drum samples.

Hey Roland, can you hear me!??!!

Hey Toontrack, can you hear me!??!!


additional notes:

Listen to the sound from two hands playing an acoustic drum and/or check out L-R drum samples: the sound from your left hand/left stick is always different compared to the right.
The sound details from sticking (patterns) are super relevant for musical drumming.


check out the L-R distinction from the digital hihat, then you'll learn that it would be possible to play a L-R distinction this way on a drum pad as well. Btw, the center area (where only center data come in from center-to-edge PositionalSensing) can easily be 4 inches in diameter (on a 14" snare pad).


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