GGD "ONE KIT WONDER" packs ➜ rebuilding the MASTER EQ on MULTIPLE OUTS 😃👉

Fri Mar 08, 2024 4:16 pm (Last edited: Fri Mar 08, 2024 4:18 pm)

GGD "ONE KIT WONDER" packs ➜ rebuilding the MASTER EQ on MULTIPLE OUTS 😃👉

When setting up MULTIPLE OUTS ("MULTI OUT" + "MULTI OUT ADV"-setting) in GGD-One Kit Wonder packs you'll lose the built-in MASTER EQ on all channels (except the Parallel Compression and Reverb bus).

Explanation: All mixer channels of all OKW packs (btw, except the Snare channel on 'Classic Rock') are routed to the MASTER EQ when loading the DEFAULT preset ( = the default NKI - there are of course also lots of other presets available using the MasterEQ). So you will lose this (EQ) sound (note that the drum sound definitely benefits from this Nolly-EQ setting!) when routing the OKW mixer channels to multiple outputs.

So I thought, why not rebuilding the exact EQ setting of the respective OKW pack and have the MASTER EQ sound 1:1 with a multiple output setup 😃.
➜ I've succeeded in capturing Nolly's MASTER EQ curves using "FabFilter ProQ 2/3" - so there won't be any difference compared to the default One Kit Wonder NKIs or the presets which use MASTER EQ ❗ 😊

I'm providing this feature with a new BecauseDrumGeek FIX:
using "FabFilter ProQ 2/3" will 100% guarantee the same sound!

Of course I can also rebuild it with other EQ tools (always trying to get as close as possible) -> so ask for custom rebuilding if you don't have the ProQ 2/3.



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