BFD Player ➜ new freeware drum sampler + e-drum mapping FIX + Hihat articulations volume FIX 😊👉

Fri Mar 08, 2024 1:54 pm

BFD Playernew freeware drum sampler + e-drum mapping FIX + Hihat articulations volume FIX 😊👉

...there is this new freeware drum sampler "BFD Player" and it's one of those freeware tools where you're really amazed at all the powerful stuff you get for free❗

If you don't become a software drummer by this (by trying out a load of performance for free) at the latest, you can't be helped.

You really can get a nice drum sound from it as the mixer provides a bunch of channels that can be routed to dedicated outputs (8 stereo outs + additionally 16 mono outs) - so don't fall for it when some people without a clue in some forums and groups want to tell you that the tool would sound bad.
Even among the onboard mixer presets there is something useful, and there are a bunch of mixer options and some quite interesting and distinctive tools from each preset 🙂.

...and don't fall for it when those people want to tell you that the lack of midi-learn and the only available fixed (e-drum) mapping presets is a super bad thing here : it's no rocket science to re-map articulations in your DAW 😉.

The only thing that has to be improved by a fix:

Hihat articulations volume shortcomings

significantly increased Pedal "Chick" volume ;

fixing the volume bug/inconsistency of the Hihat 'BOW' ( = 'Tip') articulation ( -> the first 4 (of 9!! - which is incredibly detailed and smooth, btw) open/closed stages ( = Tight to Closed range) suffer fom too low volume ; when stage 5 ( = Closed Loose) comes in, the volume jumps significantly higher - (this only happens on BOW ; the EDGE articulations are fine)
--> it's important that the tight / closed hihat sound is loud enough (compared to the open articulations) !

I'm providing a fix for the volume of hihat articulations 😊

This refers to the BFD Player freeware stock library. (There are also some inexpensive expansions for BFD-Player.)

( and there is of course my CUSTOM hihat curve support:
Detailed custom hihat pedal translation (by CC value remapping) -> YOU decide what pedal position will trigger a certain hihat open-closed stage. )

...and note re-mapping (in order to match your personal e-drum kit) can also easily be done in a support session. 😊

-- supported DAWs: "Reaper" , "Cubase Artist/Pro" , "Logic Pro" , "Bidule" , "AbletonLive Suite"
(+ any DAW that can host 'Bidule' as a VST(3) or AU plugin)



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