Consistently controllable 2-closed-stages Variable Hihat for EZ3 e-drummers 😃👉

Wed Mar 06, 2024 8:58 am (Last edited: Wed Mar 06, 2024 8:59 am)

Consistently controllable 2-closed-stages Variable Hihat for Toontrack e-drummers (+ Roland 'FD-9': without annoying Pedal "Chicks") 😃👉

Hey EZDrummer3 e-drummer, have you ever dreamed of consistently controllable 2-closed stages on your Variable CC Hihat (on Roland FD-9 (**) controller pedals also with no annoying Pedal "Chicks" disturbing the Tight-to-Closed range)? - Well, no problem: this is possible now with a dedicated Hihat translation Engine. :)

You want to consistently reach and control not only the TIGHT but also the CLOSED (the second stage) SD3 hihat articulation with your foot pedal position? ( = relaxed closed = just laying your foot on the [Roland VH-x or FD-9 or ATV hihat] pedal without additional pressure shall consistently trigger the second stage without other Open stages or the Tight stage disturbing it (*) !!)

Btw, (A)["1. TIGHT + 2. CLOSED"] stages can also be (B)["1. CLOSED + 2. OPEN 0/1"] or (C)["1. TIGHT + 2. OPEN 0/1"] and you can also have an engine that allows switching between (A) , (B) and (C) by a dedicated pad stroke on a 'Toggle Pad' while playing 👍🙂

Well, no problem: this is possible now 😊 and at least in regards to a separated controller pedal never has been before with onboard tools (--> in DEFAULT state, the Pedal "Chick" could not be suppressed within the increased and properly set up Tight-to-Closed range when using a Roland FD-9 controller pedal which is btw IMO a very good solution in terms of flawless and detailed pedal translation control).

So you can get the following pedal translation which is capable of being consistently and reproducibly controlled by your foot movements / foot positions :
––> 1. "Fully" depressing the hihat pedal with "normal" (relaxed) pressure ( = laying your foot on the pedal) ➜ the CLOSED stage is triggered
––> 2. again increasing pressure ➜ the TIGHT stage is triggered.

- Explanations:
(*) this is only possible by widening the CC value range (or call it pedal motion range) triggering the first two (closed) stages. This significantly increased value range is achieved by value remapping and will be necessary to consistently control the 2 closed stages preventing that the slightest foot movement triggers an unwanted stage like a semi-open stage. Also, sheer CC data have to be prevented from triggering stages (-> relevant with Roland e-drum hardware).

(**) Roland FD-9 controller pedal: Regarding separated controller pedals please note that the FD-9 "spring tension feeling" provides a similar two stage closed feeling as for instance a VH-10/13/14D does (and this for the first time: it's not possible to consistently control it with FD-7, FD-8 or other pedals - so props to Roland here 👍) . However, with FD-9 there will be the issue of the disturbing Pedal "Chick" -> So I've built a FIX engine providing both: no disturbing Pedal "Chick" within the first two closed stages + being able to easily generate a "Chick" by a normal 'open -> closed Pedal Chick' movement at all foot velocities 😊.

The FIX works with all the supported DAWs: "Reaper" , "Cubase Artist/Pro" , "Logic Pro" , "Bidule" , "AbletonLive Suite"
(and when using a Roland FD-9 hihat controller Plogue "Bidule" will be needed as a Plugin.)

- Explanation: Why is Bidule required using a "FD-9"? No need using a VH-x?
➜ The excellent FD-9 performance (which btw is exactly what I want from a hihat controller) triggers a wider value range regarding the closed stages. So there will be "Chick" notes unwantedly triggered within this closed range (no module setting can prevent this - even when using the flagship TD-50(X)). And the Bidule engine is just suppressing those unwanted closed range "Chicks". So you can switch between TIGHT and CLOSED according to your foot pressure and when doing so you wouldn't want annoying Pedal "Chicks" to come in (they shall only come in when there has been a bit wider open pedal position before).
The VH-x closed value range is much smaller -> so Roland modules don't generate a "Chick" within this smaller range and no suppressing engine is needed.
Anyways, both hihat controller systems (FD-9 and VH-x) will work great with the consistent control of the 2 closed stages. 🙂

It's definitely a DREAM of a e-drum Hihat: this is the BEST you can get out of it️


Video available : (showing SD3 ( -> the same applies to EZ3!))

This vid shows the great Hihat Feature - FIX
"Consistently controllable 2-closed-stages Variable Hihat"
along with switching [the first two stages] states "A" - "B" - "C" * .

The FIX is about consistently reaching and controlling the first two closed stages - so especially the second stage (which can be the CLOSED or the OPEN 0 (/1) articulation) becomes very important here.

By being able to consistently control these first two stages by foot motion and additionally by switching between three combinations of SuperiorDrummer3 articulations * (TIGHT ; CLOSED ; OPEN 0) ( = the states "A", "B", "C") your e-Hihat will be suitable for all musical situations and really becomes a DREAM of an e-drum Hihat : this is definitely the BEST you can get out of it!

The video is split in two parts:

1. -> a shorter basic presentation (which is an excerpt from the detailed part) - (00:37 - 11:32)
2. -> a longer and more detailed presentation - (11:43 - 47:12)




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