the icing on the (e-drum) cake ➜ recommendation: musical bass shaker 👉

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the icing on the (e-drum) cake ➜ recommendation: musical bass shaker 👉

IMHO a bass shaker is good if it behaves like a speaker !: full music will come out of it. That's the case with Porter & Davies ( ) and also the Ibeam ( ). The Ibeam is super affordable (compared to P&D) and results are also nice: so one of my shaker systems is a DIY construction using the Ibeam and I want to share this experience with YOU (see pics) 🙂

Avoid these (round) motor-like things vibrating in one "bzzzz" mode only because you won't be able to enjoy musical frequencies with such a thing. Also, they suffer from more latency (compared to a P&D or Ibeam system -> a musical shaker's transients are super fast (as fast as a good speaker)).
And on double bass they will break early (they get hot and then seize up).

Why should the shaker provide a quite wide range of the full frequency spectrum (like up to 800 -1000 Hz)?
Very simple: because high quality musical shaker systems won't make only "bzzzz" (because your music's bass frequencies also do not sound like "bzzz" in one motor-like frequence!) but will provide full bass-up-to-mid spectrum:
Toms will "shake" differently and different Kick Drums will reproduce their tonal image within the throne ... and of course even Snare Drum comes a little bit out of my throne. 🙂

➜ Great benefit from musical shakers: With a musical range up to nearly 1 kHz coming out of your seat the enjoyment of music is soooo much increased. Try it yourself by giving the shaker a whole mix!
➜ I always send the shaker a dedicated mix : No problem on VSTi drumming 🙂. Within this mix I use FX like EQ , Expander , Reverb. Expander for shortening sounds and Reverb for lenghtening.
Each drum/articulation and audio track/melody instrument is tweaked individually for maximum sound and shaking enjoyment.

Enjoy ❗️😊

Picture Gallery Album : IBEAM Bass Shaker


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