Roland Digital Hihat "VH-14D" ↔ Superior Drummer 3 👉 LEFT / RIGHT distinction on BOW + EDGE + BELL

Mon Mar 04, 2024 4:11 pm (Last edited: Tue Mar 19, 2024 11:55 am)

Roland Digital Hihat "VH-14D" ↔ Superior Drummer 3 - Positional Sensing ZONES : all combinations and options 😊👉

How many ZONES will I get?

SIX ❗️

Which ZONES exactly?

EDGE left ; EDGE right | BOW left ; BOW right | (near) BELL left ; (near) BELL right

Can I use the VH-14D Bell and the "near BELL" zone for Superior Drummer 3 Hihat Bell articulations?

Yes !!! As you can of course adjust the size of this zone on the pad (and make it quite small) you can really have a hihat bell ❗️ (btw, for the first time with a Roland hihat pad!) 😊

Will all these Positional Sensing Zones also work with all other BecauseDrumGeek e-drum engines/fixes

YES, combining them will work properly! 👍

(even also with the Hihat Engine toggle (while playing)?)



As most software drum samplers (even SD3) still lack [L<->R] Hihat samples, you can easily audio tweak the hihat sounds in order to get a slight difference (there are so many mixing options, so you can of course use methods other than pitching).
(For the [towards BELL] Positional Sensing zone you can use Hihat Bell sounds if they are available with SDXes.

Especially the L<->R distinction! , is a great benefit in terms of super authentic and lively hihat playing / software sampler hihat sound...
(of course you can also have big difference with an advanced, experimental "Keep It Unreal" approach!🙂)

-- supported DAWs : "Reaper" , "Cubase Artist/Pro" , "Logic Pro" , "Bidule" , "Ableton Live Suite".



Video available 🙂👉

This vid shows the Roland "VH-14D" - Superior Drummer 3 INTEGRATION (L-R distinction + Hihat Bell) FIX for e-drummers.

I've recorded two takes - the second one ("Take 2") provides an extended dynamic range and I show each take with two different L - R pitch settings: an extreme one for demonstration and easy detection of L-R distinction - and then a more subtle and realistic one.

And of course you can adjust the pitch of every single open-closed stage/articulation after your preferences ! :)
...BTW, you can of course also use SD3 mic channels (and their levels) and/or SD3 audio effects like EQ or Transient Designer to achieve a slight difference in L-R sound (so it need not necessarily be the 'Pitch' that I've used for the video)

Take 1 - extreme L<->R pitch setting (min 00:28 - 06:35)
Take 2 - extreme L<->R pitch setting (min 06:37 - 12:51)
Take 1 - subtle + realistic L<->R pitch setting (min 12:57 - 19:04)
Take 2 - subtle + realistic L<->R pitch setting (min 19:06 - 25:20)

The SD3 hihat model : 14" Zildjian K Constantinople (Superior Drummer 3 Core library + default Preset (raw sounds without effects))

The new digital Roland hihat is really a game changer and brings up ingenious new trigger features along with SD3 :)

Video :

( subtle + realistic L<->R pitch setting 👉 LINK )


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